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The Product Cycle

December 4, 2012

The product cycle is an interesting cycle.  I definitely have evolved my concept of what the product cycle can look like, especially as I read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.  I used to have the idea that when I build a product, it should be perfect.  Testing happens along the way to reach that perfection, but the product is not put out until it is done.

I no longer have deluded ideas of perfection and I believe that the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) does not even have to be viable (at least in the sense of a sell-able product).  All it has to do is create learning.

So my MVP is as simple as a few sound files that I sped up and slowed down and stuck into a PowerPoint.  I simply wanted to see if the speed of the new language affects the cognitive load.  After just a few tests I can say, yes it does.  Now I can move on to my next question.  In what order should I present the sound files:  the sped up files first and then slow down, or the slower files first and then speed up?

I like learning. Learning connected with action produces great results (most of the time).

Luckily, the products that I thought were perfect before were not as great as I thought. The products may have been better than average, but now I’m ready to produce something superior.


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