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Is Anger Helpful?

April 26, 2013

Once we understand what anger is, we have to decide whether anger is helpful.  As mentioned in the previous post, the desire connected to anger is to control, either people or our environment.

An example I like to use connected to anger comes from the Bible.  (I believe this may be a good example even for nonreligious people).  When God gets angry in the Old Testament, he kills people.  When Jesus gets mad in the temple, he throws people out.  When Moses gets angry, he breaks the commandments he brought down from the mountain.  So, does anger bring people together or push people apart?  Anger pushes people apart.  If our purpose is to push people apart–especially to keep other people safe, then anger is the perfect emotion.  If we do not want to push the other person away, then we should work at overcoming our anger.  And in most of our relationships, not pushing people away is the best option.


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