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We Are All Creative

May 23, 2013

Lately I’ve been taking a class in creativity.  I know a lot of you may think you are not creative, but think again.

This week we were looking for compensatory behaviors–using an object in a way that it is not meant to be used.  An example would be using a bat in place of a broken table leg.  We all have used things around our house to “get the job done.”  When we use compensatory behaviors, we are thinking creatively.  Yes, it may not be a huge measure of creativity, but it is creativity.

Here are a few examples I found around my house.

2013-05-23 07.51.51

We ran out of stools for the kids at the counter, so my creative kids grabbed the step stool.  (It is a lot more stable than it looks).

2013-05-23 08.48.05

We didn’t have a good place for my older kids to keep their things safe, so I bought them a lock and they lock their things up in an old backpack.

2013-05-23 08.50.122013-05-23 08.48.46

I found that we creatively make room for storage all over the house.  We use the toaster to store tortillas and bread on top, and we put the extra movies on the bongos.

These may not be the most creative things in the world, not art by Picasso by any means, but it does point out that we all have a measure of creativity.  We may come to find we are creative just by looking around the house.


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