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How to Measure Creativity

June 10, 2013

Recently, for the class I am taking in creativity, we were asked to use tests to measure creativity.  One of these tests was the Torrance test.  There were also a couple multiple choice tests, one being the Runco Ideational Behavior Scale.

Maybe it’s because I have studied measurement, but I really did not like the tests.  The Runco Ideational Behavior Scale really just told me that I like ideas (which I already knew) and could easily be cheated on (not good for employment purposes).  The Torrance test got a lot of its points from how many details you put on your pictures.  I am not sure why more details should always equal being more creative.  Some of the most creative people have learned the power of simplicity.

I did like how the Torrance test had so many different subcategories.  I never realized there were so many pieces to creativity.  The main categories (according to Wikipedia) were fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration. And I found that I have both strengths and weaknesses.  I am good at originality, but I can work on my elaboration skills.  I love thinking of ideas, but I don’t like to flesh them out.  I guess we all have things to work on creatively.  What do you need to work on?


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