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Passion in Public Speaking and Teaching

July 18, 2013

This video is a little bit different from the other videos I have done on emotion.  I was inspired by a speaker I saw at church who had good content, but was boring.

Many people, when speaking, focus on saying what needs to be said–what “should” be said.  The challenge is that relying on “shoulds” takes us away from our passion.

If we are given a topic to speak on or teach about, the “shoulds” can kill us.  At times I have let what I “should” teach dictate my lessons, and they didn’t turn out so good.  When I stopped and found what was important to me, what I was passionate about, then I was able to deliver an excellent lesson.

What can we do if we are given material we are required to teach?  I, for example, don’t like teaching “I” statements (like I feel blank because blank). Instead of just teaching I statements for a class, I can share how I believe “I” statements are not enough, that there must be deeper change within a person.

When you find what you are passionate about, don’t be afraid to show that you are passionate.  Showing what we feel is a risk, but a risk worth taking.  Being willing to share how I feel is a hard lesson I’ve learned over and over again (and will continue to learn).

By removing the shoulds and focusing on what we are passionate about, we will no longer imitate those boring speakers we have all suffered through (and sometimes been).  Go out there, find a purpose, and make a difference!


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