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How to Overcome Fear! (Part 2 of Fear, Anxiety, and Stress)

November 12, 2013

This is my second video on Fear, Anxiety, and Stress, How to Overcome Fear!  First, stop and figure out what you have done to overcome fear.  The easiest way I have found to explain how to overcome fear comes from a common phrase, “Face the Fear!”  What does “face the fear” mean?  Face the fear means that we do what makes us afraid, or experience the fear.  If you fear public speaking, you speak in public.  That doesn’t mean that we should face everything (better to leave bears alone!).  Only face things that reduce quality of life.  A psychological word for facing the fear is systematic desensitization.  One common example of systematic desensitization is facing a fear of spiders.  First, we may have the person only think of a spider (progressively thinking about closer spiders and more spiders), then look at a picture of a spider, then a real spider, until finally holding a spider in their hands.  Between each step the person calms down before starting the next.  When we face the fear, in that moment we feel an increased amount of fear, and then afterwards the fear decreases.  As we continue to face the fear, the fear continues to decrease.  But avoiding fear causes the opposite effect, the fear increases.  I personally have faced some of my fears (although by no means am I saying I’m perfect at it).  One challenge for me was posting these videos.  I was nervous to put myself up on the web, but it has gotten easier and easier over time.  My challenge to you is to face one of your fears.   Then help someone else face their fears.  Good luck!


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